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Jundullah, The Pakistani Army of God, fighting Jihad in the name of Polio

January 13, 2016

I’m taking this one from the New York Times, so you probably want to read their article before continuing.

“The bombing happened outside the polio center shortly before vaccination teams were due to be dispatched to local neighborhoods as part of a three-day immunization campaign, said Syed Imtiaz Shah, the local police chief.”

That is the main part of the story, the what happened. But why? Why would these Jihadi’s want to kill of a bunch of aid workers trying to keep the local kids from getting polio? Here is another quote from the article.

“The attacks intensified after a Pakistani doctor was arrested on charges of running a fake hepatitis vaccination campaign in the city of Abbottabad as a cover for a CIA-backed effort to obtain DNA samples from Osama bin Laden ahead of the 2011 U.S. raid that killed him.”

A different article in the Times,, states that;

“Hard-line Islamist in Pakistan have long opposed polio vaccination campaigns, saying that polio workers are Western spies and that such campaigns are part of a conspiracy to leave Muslims infertile. Resistance to such campaigns increased after 2011, when it emerged that the C.I.A. had used a vaccination drive as cover in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.”

So apparently our own American anti-vaccination advocates are not the only ones wanting to return medical practice to post modern standard, there are folks fighting a Jihad against modern medicine. Isn’t that lovely?

The fact that these teams have been used in the past to infiltrate CIA agents into the local communities complicates things; apparently some of their concerns are not without merit. But come on, guys, there has got to be a better way of dealing with the occasional spy inserted into these foreign aid organizations. Most of the sort of folks who go into the field do so out of concern for your people. Most of these folks want good things for the local communities. They want your children to be healthy and your men to be strong. They want your villages to be prosperous places that you can have pride living in. When the CIA plays its dirty little games they are being as much victimized as you are, and for the most part I would guess that most of them are not happy when this happens either.

As for the sterility conspiracy, that just puts you into the tinfoil hat crowd. If you are going to make an accusation like that you should have some serious evidence to back your claims up, evidence that you can make public to gibe it credibility. Otherwise no one in the west is going to take you seriously. Which assumes that you believe this claim yourself, and are not just using it as anti-western propaganda. If so might I suggest you consider creating more sophisticated claims?

Of course, these ideas may have been made entirely for the local audience, and you may not care what the rest of the word thinks. There must be better ways of vetting these vaccinations and the people that are delivering them. Killing doctors and medical staff is never a good idea, and only paints you as barbarians.

I guess the real question is whether you are trying to protect your people or control them.

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