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His Majesty, Governor Paul LePage

April 6, 2016

Maine’s some what … interesting governor has gone from belligerent to imperial in his behavior. When the people of Maine, the voters that is, elected the wrong person to the job he bravely decided to stand in the way and refuse to appoint Susan Deschambault, who had been elected in a special election earlier that week. He went all imperial and gave a pronouncement from on high. He took his toys and started for home

I missed this story when it came out, and since it was dated to April the first I at first assumed that it was a prank. After all, how could an elected official, the governor of Maine, ignore a legal vote and refuse to do his job in so drastic a manner. Isn’t this the sort of thing we’d expect from, say, North Korea, with its mandatory elections, 100 percent voter turn out, 100 percent of votes for the whatever he’s called leader, and one candidate on the ballot. Or maybe Iran would fit the bill better. Didn’t they have an election a few years back that the Ayatollahs were upset about, and decided to override the results? This sort of thing doesn’t happen in America, the land of the free, does it

Apparently it does. Either that, or multiply news sites are in on the joke which isn’t funny. I didn’t find anything on Google News yesterday when I first read the story on DailyKos, so apparently Google don’t see this as an important story. They got the story from the Beacon, a local Maine news organization.

After a bit of a nap this evening I came back and he seems to have come to his senses, and realized that he can’t have everything his own way. At least not this time.

The main page of Google still doesn’t have anything about the story, so I looked on it under a news search of “Maine”. It still isn’t highlighted, and it certainly isn’t being brought to anyone’s attention, but I did find a single reference to it, under a group of articles discussing efforts by Maine’s Republican Party to challenge an 18 million dollar spending plan.

So he is now ready to swear in the senator elect. A Google news search of “Lepage” did bring up a section of articles discussing this, but with an interesting editorial spin. Most of them seemed to write the incident as a “delay” of the swearing in ceremony, rather than the refusal of an elected leader to respect the wishes of the voters.

Apparently he now is willing to allow her to do the job she was elected for, but only as long as it is done on his terms.”Yeah, she’s going to be sworn in,” LePage said. “But it’s not on her schedule. My schedule is a little busier than hers.” (I found that quote from the Miami Hearald) WGME pointed out that according to state law LePage had until tonight to swear her in.

He is reported to have been upset about his nominee for his choice for the Steven Webster, his pick for the top post in the unemployment boar. Last I checked these sort of appointments had to be ratified by a legislative body, and are not automatically rubber stamped. There is no requirement for the State Senate to vote for anyone Governor LePage sends down. There is a requirement for Governor LePage to swear in to office those officials that have won a legal election.

The Portland Press Herald pointed out in its article that last year Governor LePage had vetoed ever single bill that was sponsored by a Democratic State Senator, but that 70 percent of them had been put into law over his objections. It seems that the Governor doesn’t think that Democratic politicians or their constituents should have a say in how the state is run. He seems to think that he alone should be able to dictate policy from on high, and that everyone else needs to do what he tells them. There is a name for this sort of leader; dictator.

This shouldn’t be a surprise for me, since the man is a republican, and is only following the example of his parties more senior members, who are at this moment refusing to hold hearings on President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. This is also the party that on 2 recent occasions has forced the federal government to shut down when they were not allowed to dictate the terms of the national budget without the delegates of the other party, the Democrats, from having a say in things. It isn’t just him.

If a soldier refuse to follow his orders he can be charged with Treason under the Universal Code of Military Justice, or UCMJ, the military law which applies equally to all of the branches of service. When the political class decides to so blatantly abandon their duties, this doesn’t happen.

Why not?







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