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Thank You For Your Service (let me show you the door)

July 26, 2017

I hear the first part of that a lot in public when I mention that I’m a vet, more so when I mention that I’m a disabled vet. Mostly this comes about in casual conversation after I’m asked “what do you do for a living” and I have to admit that I don’t work, haven’t worked for a long time. My last paying job was working for McDonald’s in El Paso in 2010. Between 2010 and 2012 I went to UTEP, mostly to get the living stipend that came along with the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program, the one that paid my school bills.

I hear the second part when I ask for a job somewhere. So yeah, thanks for serving, but no we don’t want to hire you. Its nice to know how valuable you are. In my case I guess the people I meet are happy that I was willing to do what they were not, but not so much that they might actually have to deal with me on a regular basis. I guess that gratitude only goes so far, in this case right up to the point where it might cost something. Words are cheap.

The pattern goes like this. I apply for a job. I meet a manager, have an informal interview, which goes great. I return a few days latter as instructed and get told, with the dirtiest look possible, that no I will not be hired. No explanation ever given for why.

The VA has a status called “unemployability”, which means that a disable vet is paid the 100 percent rate even if they are not 100 percent disabled. The fact that I have not been able to get a job does not, for some reason, put me into this category.


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