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Political Circus (from the Right) part the 1st

This political season is shaping up nicely, and at least two rings of the circus are pumping out content for the social circus at a high rate of giddy up. Most of the best entertainment comes from the Republican side of the isle, but in the presidential primaries this is usually the case. I suppose I shouldn’t expect more, but for some reason I do. Silly me, I actually expect more from our political leaders than they can.

As I said, the best in political entertainments these days come from the Republican Party, which is filled at present with clowns and blowhards who call themselves conservatives. They are not. They are thieves and pirates set to looting the public good for their own gain. Or for the gain of their compatriots, of those fellow travelers. The certainly don’t seem to be acting for the national good or for the needs of the American people. The Democrats aren’t much better, mind, but some of these Republicans really are exceptional in their behavior.

I’m not going to give and all inclusive analysis of these candidates. I haven’t spent as much time looking into them as I perhaps should have. I usually wait until there are less that a bakers dozen Republicans left in the primaries before I spend much effort on them, since most of these folks are going to disappear soon enough anyway. So here are a few quick impressions from a quick scan of the internet.

I might as well start with Trump, since he seems to be the best of the bunch at self promotion.

Here is a picture of the “Donald” hugging the American flag like a child hugs their wubby. I find his whole attitude in this picture deeply disturbing. Look at that smug little smile of his, that self satisfied he holds as he clings to the colors which he was too good to fight for. You may recall that during the Vietnam war he had other things that were more important than serving in the military. You may recall the utter contempt that he seems to hold for those of us who have served. He talked down to Senator John McCain for being a POW, saying that he preferred people who didn’t get captured.

Here is his exact quote (from ;

He must mean that he prefers people who don’t take risks for others, for opportunists like himself who play it safe. He is also the guy who thinks that by going to a military academy he is as military as any combat veteran. John McCain was awarded a silver star for his actions, for placing his own personal body into harms way. He spent 5 years in a North Vietnamese prison after being shot down; he did complete his mission first though, which for troops is the priority. But hey, Mr. Trump went to a military school, so that kind of makes them the same, right?

He has some great quotes on the subject, but then, he has some great quotes on lots of subjects. The man does like to hear himself speak. Look them up, Google those suckers. I’m not going to repost them all here (and I’m not sure who to attribute the above 2 pictures to, but neither of them are mine).

This is a man who is on his 3rd wife. I Guess that when his current gal shows signs of aging he just trades her in for a younger model. This strikes me a displaying a certain lack of loyalty to me, but maybe Trump sees things differently than I do. I consider marriage to be an important institution, and important part of American cultural values. Perhaps Mr. Trump and his ladies approached it as a business deal, in which case his divorces were nothing more than a change of contract. Maybe his first 2 wives married him knowing it was a temporary affair at best. Divorce is legal in this country after all, and both of Mr. Trumps divorces were obtained legally, but it isn’t what I would consider to be an example of conservative Christian moral values of the sort that Mr. Trump seems to be claiming.

So why is he running as a Republican, and claiming to be a conservative at that? Here is a quote and an image courtesy of People Magazine that might shed some light on this question.

Trump certainly does like to make outrageous statements, and he gets a lot of press time for doing so. If his plan is to play on the bigotries of the far right some of the things he says, statements that seem divorced from reality, can perhaps be understood. He thinks conservatives are idiots, and is riding their ideology for his own political benefit. What do you think the odds are that he’d prove loyal to the conservative voters should he get into office? I’m thinking the odds are somewhat low.

Ted Cruz comes next, at least according to the first conservative poll site I looked up. Lets take a look at Cruz. Have you seen that smile of his? Doesn’t it look snide? Doesn’t it look arrogant? Doesn’t he always look snide and arrogant? I haven’t seen a single picture of him that looks presidential in the slightest. Maybe he just has a really bad game face. Perhaps he was just born with unfortunate features, and that isn’t a thing that should be held against a person. We can’t all be as pretty as I am.

Lets see what the man has to say.

So he’s admitting that some Americans think that we should still have slavery. So is he saying that he’s pro-slavery? It sounds to me like he’s saying that he’s pro slavery, and even if he isn’t anyone stupid enough to say something like that where there are cameras running is clearly too stupid to be president, or to serve in any official capacity.

So Cruz wants the business community to ignore a segment of the population, to ignore their spending power. He wants the country to have first class and second class citizens, for the law to protect only some people, but not others. Who do you suppose he would propose we target next? Its the old divide and conquer routine. First he picks on one group he thinks his followers like to hate, and next he’ll have to pick another group. But most likely he’s just blowing smoke to curry favor with the most angry members of the public.

That’s all for now. I’ll add to this later.



Army Issued Ugly; Military issue soldiers are not allowed to use.

What is the deal with the U.S. Army giving its troops gear and then telling them that they can’t use it? My sister was telling me about the class A skirt that she was issued in basic training . It is an unshapely monstrosity that makes its wearer’s appear neither professional nor attractive. As soon as she was issued it she was told that they would never be worn. She tells me that she has seen all of two soldiers wear them, and they looked horrible.

Once she got to AIT (advanced individual training, where a soldier is trained in specific job tasks) all the female soldiers were forced to pay to get the hem on these skirts adjusted  upwards. Apparently it is a requirement that you keep the clothes you don’t wear fashionable. We wouldn’t want a soldier’s closet to be unfashionable.

Boonie hats are also issued to soldiers, though in this case it is their commanders that usually forbids its wear. Which is a shame, because this is one of the more comfortable and practical items troops get issued. They are great for keeping the hot middle eastern sun out of your eyes and off your neck. You have to maintain it as an issued military item, but you are not allowed to wear it.